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Gaëlle Coqueblin executive and team coach

3 complementary ways to accelerate sustainable change performance


3 complementary ways to accelerate sustainable change performance

In my quest of helping people free themselves from limiting beliefs and behaviors, I propose 3 complementary ways for managers, teams and peers to define, with the proper frame and process, the best solutions to face their professional challenges and reach their goals with lightness and efficiency :
Executive Coaching
Team Coaching
CoDevelopment Group
Which targets managers and make them actors of their own change in « a thought-provoking and creative process » as defined by the International Coach Federation Which includes coaching the manager and coaching the team he / she is responsible of. The specific strenght Team Coaching has it that it gives in same place, same time the opportunity to define all together more efficient ways to produce results An innovative way of looking at training which considers day to day management practice as producer of knowledge and a framed sharing between peers a valuable learning

Both of them are also :

-    day to day unsolved and suffering working situations focused
-    processes in duration, time being a necessity for change to find its own fair and sustainable place
-    personal engagement, responsability and autonomy targeted
-    built on the Confidentiality rule, basis of the necessary trust to make all possible and successful

I would also welcome to specifically design a unique scheme depending of your own needs and human resources challenges. This unique scheme, a global process, can mix those following approaches and may  also be completed with training for example. In those cases, I will also design a “on purpose team” of experts to meet the requirements of your brief.

About me


About me


I am 43 years old and a Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF). I am also an Accredited Coaching Supervisor by Coaching Supervision Academy and a Mentor Coach trained by Janet Harvey, past ICF Global President (invite Change).


After 5 years in Mauritius working with Top Management people, Managing Committee and Talents in individual and collective coaching, I am back to Paris since November 2014, enriched with multicultural experience.


I deeply trust in everyone's ability to reveal their potential, face their limiting beliefs, explore new behaviors, relate in more ecological and also effective ways for the benefit of the companies. I see my role as providing the space for that learning and insightful conversation to take place, providing respect, listening, gentleness and unconditional acceptance.


I am coaching for 7 years now and I lean on more than 20 years professional experience in marketing and human resources.


I am supervised as recommended by ICF and I supervise coaches in their practice offering a safe space to be, reflect, get insights and support, and grow for their own benefit and the benefit of their clients. I also provide Mentor Coaching for coaches who are willing to expand their knowledge and embodiment of the ICF 11 core coaching competencies and to apply for ICF certification. I do it face to face and also on Skype all around the world, in English and in French.


I held a Master in Social Diagnosis (La Sorbonne - Celsa) and a BA in Management. I am trained in individual & team coaching, coaching supervision and mentor coaching, all programs being accredited by ICF.

The International Coach Federation, my professional reference frame


The International Coach Federation, my professional reference frame


The International Coach Federation (ICF) was created in 1995 to give support to coaches and make the profession grow. Now it is one of the major coaching association with more than 20 000 members out of 47 500 coaches around the world. To give consistency, credibility and professionalism, it defined :
-  a Core Competencies scheme (see below)
-  a Code of Ethics (download here)
-  a Credentialing system requiring renewal every 3 years based on stringent education, experience requirements, and a mastery of the coaching competencies

The ICF official 11 Core Competencies are :

Setting the Foundation   Co-creating the Relationship
> Meeting Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards
> Establishing the Coaching Agreement
  > Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client
> Coaching Presence
Communicating Effectively   Facilitating Learning and Results
> Active Listening
> Powerful Questioning
> Direct Communication
  > Creating Awareness
> Designing Actions
> Planning and Goal Setting
> Managing Progress and Accountability

Discover more about ICF :





Coaching Supervision


Coaching supervision


As a professional coach, I’m regularly supervised in my practice. It’s such a help that I felt the call to propose Supervision for Professional Coaches. I am an Accredited Coaching Supervisor by CSA (Coaching Supervision Academy), one of the rare training programs being approved by ICF and accredited by EMCC on Coaching Supervision. I am also an Accredited Coaching Supervisor member of the Association of Coaching Supervisors (AOCS).


Supervision is a conversation between peers where I hold a safe space for coaches to be, reflect, get support and insights. It's a conversation where the whole is concerned, thoughts, feelings and body. I ground my work in the Full Spectrum Model of Supervision created by CSA.


I supervise coaches face to face and also on Skype worldwide, in english and in french. I run Supervision groups in Paris : one in French and one in English for French coaches who are willing to improve both their English and their professional practice.


 “At its best, this way of working joins head and heart in a practice we call “fearless compassion”… Fearlessness coupled with compassion will help create the change that is required” (Hawkins P. & Smiths N. Coaching, Mentoring and Organizational Consultancy, Supervision and Development, Open University Press 2006)


Click here to discover ICF position, recommandations and frame regarding Coaching Supervision

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Mentor Coaching


Mentor Coaching


Both Supervision and Mentor Coaching provide support for professional coaches in their developmental journey..


Mentor Coaching focuses on the coaching competencies required in working with clients. As an ICF Mentor Coach and a credentialed ICF coach, I ground my work with coaches in the 11 Core Coaching Competencies (CCC) defined by ICF. Mentor Coaching is mandatory to prepare for an ICF accreditation but is also a valuable journey for those who want to be more at ease and feel confident in how they appear in their work.


I propose coaches to take ownership of their own development and flourish in their practice through :

  • Discovering the 11 Core Coaching Competencies in depth, how they are interlinked and supportive to one another
  • Seeing what is already present in their coaching skill set
  • Anchoring the strengths and embodying them with awareness in their coaching sessions
  • Facilitate and catalyze what else is possible and required to reach the ICF level of credential they target


This can be done in various format : a long run journey, an oral feedback session on selected CCC, a written feedback on the 11 CCC.


I was trained in Mentor Coaching by Janet Harvey, inviteChange, past ICF Global President.


Click here to read more about ICF Mentor Registry, Mentor Coaching Duties and Competencies


Contact me


Contact me


I would welcome your email at Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. to answer your questions, clarify anything you should need, plan a meeting.

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